‘Diablo’ studio teases new projects ahead of Blizzcon

‘Diablo’ studio teases new projects ahead of Blizzcon
‘Diablo III’ has been supplemented with two expansions and seasonal events. — Picture courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 10 — With annual fan convention Blizzcon’s 2018 edition set for November 2-3, Blizzard Entertainment has dropped a big hint that the Diablo franchise will merit one or more mentions.

“We’d like to let you know that the forges here at Blizzard are burning hot, and we have multiple Diablo projects in the works,” community manager Brandy Camel announced in a short one-minute video.

“Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year.”

What those projects are remains a mystery for now, though Blizzard was recruiting a 2D and 3D artist for an Unannounced Diablo Project mid-year.

Franchise fans have been waiting since late 2017 for confirmation that a Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III is in development.

The 20-year-old Diablo franchise has been a high watermark in the action role-playing game franchise since its debut in 1996.

From an isometric perspective that allows players to take in their surrounds and the hordes of enemies lurking round about, they descend into an underground network of tunnels and temples in order to defeat a growing evil presence.

They do so by retrieving powerful weapons and equipment from within dungeons whose layout is randomly generated, offering novelty and surprise as well as measurable, incremental gains as players progress level by level towards a final challenge.

Most recently the franchise’s position has been challenged by Path of Exile, a free-to-play title from New Zealand, known for its polish and depth, released in 2013 and prompting a studio acquisition by enormous Chinese internet company Tencent in May. The Divinity: Original Sin franchise (2014-) has been widely praised for its own intelligent, accessible take on the format, while The Witcher 3 and its expansions have consistently raised the bar upon release from 2011 onwards.

The series formula has also been adapted by the shooter genre in general, creating a “looter-shooter” hybrid championed by the Borderlands, Destiny, Warframe and The Division franchises. — AFP-Relaxnews

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