EVENING 5: Dr M dares Equanimity owner to reclaim yacht

EVENING 5: Dr M dares Equanimity owner to reclaim yacht

PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dares the purported owner of the Equanimity to reclaim the RM1b superyacht as it heads for Port Klang. Meanwhile, the government is in talks with AirAsia for an LCCT in Penang.

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Peter Pao says:

…..says the spider to the fly!

Shariff Muhammad says:

We want jo bor to return so that we can auction with higher price than the equanimity..jo lo has a lot of meat..😂

Grumman NT says:

Jho Lo, did u Boom Boom in our yacht?

sakurasoh says:

Hahaha.. fugitive billionaire… best term given to this piece of jerk

Amy Chan says:

I wonder why Indonesia seized the super yatch and not the Malaysia police who earlier claimed that they have no idea whereabout the yatch.

Truth Faith says:

Salute you Tun

paul 3221 says:

For all i know Jho low has a serpents mind that is full of twist and turning a very cunning satanic minded conman

Lam Tong says:

That is good ask Joe low to come and clam if he is braves

siti matahari says:

bijak mahathir ni…. pemilik tentulah nak tuntut. siapa pemilik tuh???

Sean T says:

Fantastic Tun

Mikesoft Song says:

Good informations & well represented. Appreciate, if you can speak a little slower. Speks like bullets coming out of a Machine Gun. Most importantly, the message to be channel across amicably.

cher yee says:

When will flood problems can settle ?

seb survey says:

Dont worry Jho, we promise to welcome you back with open arms. Come to papa! Kids nowadays like to stray away from home huh? Havent you learn from your childhood that ppl will always find you in hide and seek?

andy cheah says:

wow…wow..msian crook…u still have a cock to claim it…or as usual tak tau…kongkek aje lu tau…

F SL says:

Is it even legal to hold a property that you have no documents to prove that it is 1mdb connected? Is this why Indonesia released it to Malaysia? Who the heck would buy something like this that has no documents?

Neγ ༄ says:

Pas berpuas hati.

F SL says:

Is this yacht going for lelong.com.my ?

Sam Chiew says:

Slow Slow Tipu. So many drama queen. Are they influenced by Donald Trump

mrblurblur2003 says:

Oh yea yea and ke ke ke ke, I dare you to come get your superyacht mates

dreamydisaster says:

Dr M: Come get bitch.

Thi Runa says:

👌👌 ur rite tun..👏👏 lets c if ths jolok piglet dare to turn up to claim it..😆😆😆

Wan Rock says:

the govt must prove that the yatch belongs to Msia coz legally the ownership is not msia but a company in Cayman isle! Thus it's not like the owner must prove ownership coz it's in all legal papers that they are! ngeh3

ho wei lin says:

Soooo damn big laaaa the yacht. Bigger than those in monte carlo i think…

By the way .. any cash or diamond hide inside the yacht ?

Yes No says:

Najib Co. and gang make Malaysia feel the pinch bad this is the first piece of expensive shit the new government reclaim back to the Country there are much more coming along the way

Mazrik Vettel says:

kalau bijan dah kate berita palsu

Colin Tan says:

No more private party and orgy times for the fat thief.

R Ezany says:

Ramai org dh kena tahan bwh PH.. hahahaha kejap je rasa kaya ye? Padan muka…corrupt bastards… sg buluh prison kena buat extention.. ramai org2 BN/umno nk masuk ni termasuk najib rosmah riza aziz dll… tempat dh tk cukup kandang….

R Ezany says:

Come jho low.. collect yr bloody yatch IF it is yours.. come… bloody pig… najib tk pegi port klang tengok kapal?

Dennis Wayne Madden says:

It’s one of the basic principles of a civilised nation that it’s up to the ACCUSER to prove his point. It’s not for the ACCUSED to prove anything.

Kennie MusicLovers says:

very good…….salute Mr. M !

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