Historic Malaysian Election: Why the World Is Watching

Historic Malaysian Election: Why the World Is Watching

Malaysia’s opposition ousted the ruling coalition, clearing the way for new investigations into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s alleged misappropriation of money in the 1MDB corruption scandal, possibly one of the largest global financial scams of all time.

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Khing Tan says:

Malay, Chinese and Indian are the three majority races in Malaysia. Those minority races are Iban, Kadazan, Dusun, Singh, indigenous, Eurasian and et cetera.

Julius Caedan says:

Thats our country

Robincpke Lionsing says:

Tun Mahathir can counter claim against China government if he found the contract with the China government is an illegal deal.

RandomUser says:

Najib your going to die boy

Fredo Wijayavarman says:

Don't worry son. next GE15. UMNO/BN will rise again!.

xoxo hyomin says:

& here come our Tun M the smart thinker 🎉🙏🏻

Zahir Bakri says:

still waiting Najib will summon WSJ for this fake news lol

ThUrT EilNo says:

funny how all politicians who are corrupted seems to associate with the west quite a bit, i guess this is what you call soft power invasion, unlike middle east where you see hard power invasion, where it's just mass killings and destruction.

ashesfrombones says:

everytime i see Rosmah, i picture her as a witch that could eat the heart of a young child… she is undoubtedly scary looking

Amirul Ashaff Ab Rahman says:

Malaysians show how true democracy works. We change regime without any bloodshed.

Nam Qiong Trading LLP Nam Qiong Trading LLP says:

Yeah…, Malaysia is back for business…It is time for U.S MNC in China to start Shifting their Factory Plant back to Malaysia JB & Sg….. Since U.S.A….., Malaysia both hate China communist party…. : D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMlmjXtnIXI&t=158s

Padini Fakhri says:

rule of law rules now


We hope for a new hope

Nasi_lemak bungkus says:

Frankly, I never thought I'd see the day BN crumble. I was hopeful, at the same time I didn't want to disappoint myself. As a responsible Malaysian, I voted on May 9th and hope for the best. It was nerve wrecking watching GE14 result that night which went on until wee hours. On May 10th I waited until our new PM Tun Dr Mahathir's inauguration which was delayed until at about 10pm. We cheered and celebrated that night. I felt so liberated. I know it won't be a smooth journey, but it's a good start. InsyaAllah…

firdaus bin abd muttalib says:

What uncharted territory? Wall Street tabloit.

hafizan says:

Mare big corporations than tea pot corporation

Sudanese Rapid Support says:

Welcome Malasyia to the world satge you brothers and sisters around the world are waiting for you

Love Joy says:

People who use Musnahkan Malaysia, tahi lembu, ded etc should be banned.

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