Let it be discussed between me and Mahathir, says Anwar of succession date

Let it be discussed between me and Mahathir, says Anwar of succession date

Prime Minister-in-waiting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim told reporters after attending the National Youth Council convention in Selangor on Wednesday that he and Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad would discuss about the date of his succession.

He also said Dr Mahathir would continue to play a role as statesman even if he had become the Prime Minister.

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Raheel Syeikh says:

La tak close story lg ke bab ni. Apa yg nk dikejar nk jd PM? Sabarlah. Ckp no comment dh lah. Ada rezeki tk kemana. Klu.tkda rezeki pun tk kemana jgk.

rusty biggiesmalls says:

Kalau 20 tahun lalu kejadian ini berlaku keatas dua pemimpin ini … lain negara akan melihat malaysia negara yg disegani… salam dari singapura…

Ruffus Adam says:

I dont think its gonna happen. Seriously.. he is most probably gonna be the longest PM in waiting… they know their on dirty little secret..

Mahfuz Omar says:

1st & 2nd years : Tun M -PM & Wan AZizah -TPM
3rd to 5th years : Wan AZizah -PM & Tun M -TPM

John Mick says:

Well said DSAI..

AKV 9 says:

Tahun depan, DSAI PM ke-8💪🏽

mohd noh says:

Mam x menjadilah…

Rawman Man says:

Tak ada pemimpin lain ke yg layak. Nak juga cari PM dari kalangan kleptokrasi familycracy plus sodomycracy

vasu abd says:

Please fulfill 100 percentage your election manifesto promises to Rakyat regarding toll/ptptn/petrol/warga emas/basic salary and many more then change hand, don't simply give excuses debt debt please Google and see debtor countries in the world Malaysia is far more better then many country accordingly to debt figure

Jen Er says:

We would want Tun stay on for 5 years…bcoz still lots of rubbish to clear. Hope Anwar can be patient.

Mama Azeem says:

Dua2 ular pembelit 🤣😂😅

azman abu bakar says:

Yessss kesian2 menanti2

Aaron Sebastian says:

You will never become PM! Less talk and more action. What have you done for PD so far?

thulomanchay says:

Well spoken as a statesman should.

Acc 1 says:

Anwar . Cmon we all … including you know youre incapable.
Shaking hands with bn in secret. Disgusting.

Mohd Khalid Mohd Yusop says:

Anwar u will never be the pm look who's the new chief of justice

Khoo Kah Hock says:

do your work lah waiting to be pm.

Kucing Meow says:

Put it this way! After PH fulfilled all those promises they did before PRU14 like petrol Rm1.50, no more toll etc, then Anwar can be a PM.

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