Mahathir’s Interview with Associated Press: The Key Quotes

Mahathir’s Interview with Associated Press: The Key Quotes

Here are some of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s key quotes during his interview with the Associated Press at his office in Putrajaya on Aug 13. He spoke on anti-Semitism, the Saudi conflict, mega-projects linked to China and his legacy.

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Pot Precious says:

Ini Melayu leader I respek

elias abdullah says:

Bijak saja x cukup.

Alvaro Ronaldo says:

The man, the myth, the legend Tun M

Alvaro Ronaldo says:

Ni bru btol berani lawan yahudi.

Jaya says:

Lanun forex !

vldlpd says:

Mahathir – аbsolute asshole

ZAR says:

Zionists Jews control the world and wage out war from the time of our ancestors, can't expect idiots to realize it. Smart people like Tun has long know this before us.

Colin Tan says:

Trumpeter will try to put back his favorite PM into power through sanctions and high tariffs. But the trumpeter may need to use Mossad and CIA to drive the final nail into the coffin.

yuriko sakurada says:

videonya sependek ini aje ke

LB Grey says:

Asian Tiger is BACK…. so BACK in the GAME…love you daddy Tun M… alot of balls need shaking out there! salute!

rozita haroun says:

He has put on weight. Happy days…

Nicholas Ng says:


Kamariah Yaakob says:

The best from tun good luck

Mannar .m says:

Good leader

pelakat. s says:

org asli ko tunjuk muka bengis.sampai menunggu 7 jam.haringg laaa

Andy Kris says:

Zionist used by ignorant people not knowing its historical background

ek710 says:

Background music drowns out the voice, is it necessary to put the BGM so loud? People want to hear what he says, not come here to hear music, set the priority right.

Judy Mckee says:

You are right Tun, We should not be in debt over our head.Emerging markets are falling ,one after another with debts those nation cannot service.

Elena Ho says:

Haha! Like the humour side of him. Love u Tun!

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