Malaysia to swear in world’s oldest leader- BBC News

Malaysia to swear in world’s oldest leader- BBC News

Mahathir Mohamad is to become the world’s oldest elected leader at 92, after a shock victory in Malaysia’s bitterly fought election.
He will be sworn in at 21:30 local time (13:30 GMT), according to the state news agency, Bernama.
The former PM came out of retirement and defected to the opposition to take on his one-time protégé Najib Razak.
His historic win has ousted the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition, which has been in power since independence in 1957.
Jubilant Mahathir supporters filled the streets as the victory became clear.
Mr Najib has said he will “accept the verdict of the people”, but correspondents say a smooth transition to power is not a given after such a major political upheaval.

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Ibra The Conqura says:

I love his advice… Eat less live longer… God bless him .. Man on mission..

Aiman Zambri says:

haram ! aq nk tengok komen org puteh….bkn org acah org puteh…

Just Random Life says:

Go Mahathir! The best prime minister in our country!

Electrotech Lch says:

Mahathir the Maverick.. syabas Malaysia!

Liew Jason says:

My country prime minister dr Mahathir proved to the world Malaysia Boleh

Vivien Chua says:

I am malaysian proud to be malaysian !thanks for reporting 😊

Queen ashlyy says:

He drink Red Bull every day…hehe


Just like the BBC should be retired…All of you outside u.k. the BBC charges us every year nearly £300 pounds too watch what they decide we shall watch,, you can buy satellite know problem,but if you haven't bought a BBC licence your breaking their law…Truth and Fact..

devilundercover says:

Dr M. A beacon of hope. An inspiration to all. His wit, his intelligence, intellect. Truly in awe. Hidup Tun. We have missed you.

ramro keto says:

Not Malaysian…..but as always admired his leadership, integrity and vision for his country. Malaysia has got one of the best PM in the world. Doesn't kow-tow to any country.

Simmha Rao Joez says:

Old is Gold they say.. i will choose experience over talented. Proud malaysian

The Crusader says:

BBC lied about Skripal case and Syria chemical attack

The Crusader says:

BBC Fake news

The Crusader says:

why are BBC not reporting on Terrorist attacks on christian Churches in Indonesia by Islamic terrorists?

why are BBC not reporting on Terrorist attack in France by Islamic terrorists?

Jasmine Jacob says:

Now I can say I’m proud to be Malaysian ❤️bcos of him

Nizan Ramly says:

Class is permanent

Qurtfeez says:

It’s proved that age is just a number. Proud to be Malaysian again. Love you Tun!

OHWANG UTARA #balikkampung says:

weloveyou TUN .M……….

海綿寶寶我是 says:

he is a legend!!!

Bryian Amst says:

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weirdoandrew says:

Mahathir puts Najib into the grave.

village food says:

Why isnt there any single discussion about the social welfare of Malaysian regarding the flood of foreign workers in the country? Basely on human rights prohibition i think?

Robert Watson says:

Just a thought and not to piss on anyone's parade, but how can this man make choices for the future when he will have no part in it at 92?

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