Malaysia’s Finance Minister on 1MDB, Infrastructure, Economy

Malaysia’s Finance Minister on 1MDB, Infrastructure, Economy

Jul.19 — Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng discusses recovering up to 30% of the missing 1MDB money, the 1MDB investigation, infrastructure projects with China, Malaysia’s economy and the ringgit. He speaks exclusively to Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin from Kuala Lumpur.

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kl wies says:

In a World devoid of integrity and more into so called Real Politik LGE demonstrates integrity and wits are both needed rather than just pure Power Play. A Politician needs to stand for something if a nation is to progress. Democratic Rot in US, UK and the West deeply rooted in Neo Liberalism has forgotten what made them Great. What was the shining example of Democracy in the West today has degenerated into a system of buy and sell election candidates much like the Stock market. Forgetting the Country's resources are to serve the people that make up that nation. The Election system in the West has been captured by the Corporations that Democracy today is left with only Forms but lack Substance. Doesn't matter who you vote for as policies never changes.

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