‘Pokemon Go’ players will choose locations starting in South Korea, Brazil

‘Pokemon Go’ players will choose locations starting in South Korea, Brazil
Experienced ‘Pokemon Go’ users will be able to nominate new locations to be used in their game and ‘Ingress’. — Picture courtesy of Niantic Labs

TOKYO, Sept 14Breakout mobile game Pokémon Go is inviting its playing community to choose where some of its new real-world focal points will be.

Players will be able to propose new PokéStop locations as part of a nomination system coming to Pokémon Go.

At its introduction, the PokéStop Nomination Beta will be limited to Level 40 players in Brazil and South Korea, Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs specified in a September 12 announcement.

Users with child accounts are excluded from the program, while Niantic is encouraging players to look for public and safely accessible places that have historical, educational, architecturally or artistic value, as well as transportation hubs, parks, places of worship and libraries.

An earlier location-based game from Niantic, Ingress, was developed during the studio’s time as an internal startup at Google. Qualifying players have been able to submit their own Ingress portals since 2016.

Ingress players are also encouraged to rate proposed portal locations submitted in this way, making the sourcing and review process a community-managed affair, incentivised and overseen by the game studio.

Similarly, new Pokémon Go PokéStop locations will also be funneled into the Operation Portal Recon ratings queue, Niantic said. — AFP-Relaxnews

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