Rafizi: Govt needs to find middle ground between Malays, non-Malays

Rafizi: Govt needs to find middle ground between Malays, non-Malays
Rafizi Ramli said the Pakatan Harapan government should find a middle ground between non-Malays and Malay fence-sitters. ― Picture by Mukhriz Hazim

KOTA KINABALU, Aug 15 — Having won the recent elections from the support of non-Malays and Malay fence-sitters, the Pakatan Harapan government should now find a middle ground between the two.

“We cannot run away from the face that PH won from the support of non-Malay voters, and the Malay Muslim support was less than those of PAS and Umno. Translating that situation now, it’s a dangerous situation to be in, due to the current political climate,” Rafizi Ramli said during an interview on Astro Awani tonight.

“We wanted to continue getting approval from our supporters, who had the mentality of ‘I want you to talk and see things the way I do’, while Umno and PAS can bring up Malay Muslim sentiments that plays to their gallery.

“But as a government, we have to bring two differing opinions to the middle. It’s inevitable that you will get criticised from all sides. But I have said that we have to be upstanding and honest from the beginning or else you will have a narrative that the Umno and BN will say is anti-Malay,” he said.

Rafizi, who is running for the PKR deputy presidency in the party election, said that the coalition had earned the trust of Malay fence-sitters who were dealing with rising costs of living, and gave PH the edge in marginal seats.

“We now have people that have different expectations and hopes for the government. It is important to keep in mind that those fence sitters voted for us because they were tired of seeing corruption and wastage while dealing with rising costs of living.

“We have to be careful because swings can happen very easily,” he said.

However, Rafizi also said that most of the public also did not have unrealistic expectations of the 100 day of the new government.

“People are not stupid to only hold us to the 100 days promises. We have to continue to work hard after the 100 days too and continue to solve the problems and not just point out what was wrong with the previous government,” he said.

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