Pos Malaysia offers RM1,300 for postmen, couriers, drivers: Here’s what Malaysians say
Pos Malaysia’s job advertisement went viral recently for offering an allegedly low monthly salary. — Picture via Facebook PETALING JAYA, Aug 15 — Pos Malaysia’s recent advertisement offering a monthly wage of RM1,300 for the positions of postmen, couriers and, van and lorry drivers became a hotly debated topic on local social media.“With the amount of hard work and stress they have to go through, you really think RM1,300 is enough in 2018? That is why many quit the job. (Patut la ramai lari) Ridiculous!!!”, one user tweeted on Monday. With the amount of hard work and stress they have to go through, you really think RM1300 is enough in 2018? Patut la ramai lari. Ridiculous!!! https://t.co/xFvA4ojpat— Khabir (@KhabirM) August 12, 2018 Some claimed the salary was lower than that of a cleaner who works five days a week and a delivery person for McDonald’s.“Even a McDonald’s delivery guy can earn RM2k a month,” @KhabirM tweeted. It's ridiculous how little they are paid. No wonder half the time they chuck the mail in the trash and packages take weeks to arrive. Who can survive on this amount? This is not right. My cleaner works 5 days a week and still gets paid more than this.— farrahnr (@farnazra) August 12, 2018 even mcd delivery guy boleh dapat 2k sebulan— Im (@alonermaniac) August 13, 2018 However, there were those who believed the salary offered by Pos Malaysia was reasonable, using the low pay that fresh graduates earn as a gauge. It is a PMR/SPM qualification though? How to demand for higher when even fresh grads only get RM2,500 after 2-4 years of education?— Azlyn Balqis (@lynfunkstar) August 12, 2018 One said, “Meagre salary is a national problem that I agree.” What can we say? Our salaries memang tak cukup. Most of us spent hard years to earn a degree just for 2k plus as a starting salary. Rm1300 is really not that bad considering PMR holder pun boleh apply. Not saying that is enough. Meagre salary is a national problem that I agree— Hazy_Rain (@justalhafiz) August 13, 2018 The present minimum monthly wage is between RM800 and RM920 in Sabah and Sarawak, and RM1,000 in Peninsula Malaysia.Increasing the country’s minimum wage to RM1,500 per month nationwide within a period of five years was one of the 10 promises made by the Pakatan Harapan government while campaigning for the 14th General Election.Last week, Human Resource Minister M. Kulasegaran made a statement that the targeted minimum wage rate will be achieved in stages, and the increase rate for the initial stage will be finalised by the Cabinet meeting this Friday.Among the disapproval voiced by the public, one called for the Human Resource Minister’s attention to the matter while Pos Malaysia remained indifferent. Aku kalau tgk posmen lalu panas2 hujan2 mmg kesian la weh. Kau nak kata dia tak belajar tinggi sbb tu dia deserve gaji rendah? Walhal, bebanan keje dia bukanlah ringan. Aku tgk ramai yg bangkitkan isu gaji tp Pos Malaysia buat2 tak nampak tweet tu dan tak respon. @mkula https://t.co/dudN46dZjl— 愛 Teruterubyzo 暁 (@rusukx) August 13, 2018 [...]