Malaysia Airports sends British tourist RM350 worth of Cadbury Dream chocolates
British tourist Rebekah Grassby will be receiving her favourite treat in the mail very soon. — Picture courtesy of Malaysia Airports PETALING JAYA, August 5 — After a British holidaymaker caused a frenzy back home when she spotted a chocolate bar that was no longer available in the UK at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia Airports is sending her RM350 worth of Cadbury Dream chocolates, a representative told Malay Mail.Rebekah Grassby, also known as AnnieIWillKnow on Reddit got her fellow Brits excited about the Cadbury white chocolate that has been discontinued a few due to poor sales.Following a post of the Dream bar on the discussion website, Grassby who was on a layover at KLIA received hundreds of requests to bring the beloved white chocolate treat home.Some Reddit users even got adventurous, suggesting a trip to Malaysia just to purchase the chocolate.“Wow, thank you so much to Malaysia Airports and Eraman for such a generous gift! I am very grateful.“It must be some of the best money I have ever spent on the Dream bar!” wrote Grassby in her reply to Malaysia Airports after she received the sweet news.Grassby said she hopes to come back to Malaysia soon.“I have met several friends through university from Malaysia from whom I have heard lots about the country.“Hopefully one day I will be able to explore Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the country outside of the airport,” said Grassby.Although no longer produced in the UK and Ireland, Cadbury Dream is still manufactured in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.Malaysia Airports, still on a sugar high for making headlines in the UK, is running a promotion on the Cadbury Dream blocks. It's no longer a dream! Get your Cadbury Dream Chocolate Bars at our @eramanmalaysia outlets in Malaysia Airports now! #indulgeatmalaysiaairports #KLIA #klia2 #KKIA #myairportmoments #cadbury #cadburydream #eraman #chocolate #shoppingA post shared by Indulge Malaysia Airports (@indulgemalaysiaairports) onJul 26, 2018 at 10:03pm PDTTake note, white chocolate fans.  [...]