Roasted durian draw at Kota Kinabalu food market
A durian delicacy, roasted durian, is a big draw at the Jalan Gaya Food Market in Kota Kinabalu. KOTA KINABALU, Jan 7 — Roasted durians have become a major draw at the Jalan Gaya Food Night Market here which is a popular tourist spot.The delicacy is the brainchild of fruit seller Dennis Chan who wanted to come up with new ideas for durian products.The roasted durian is a new take on the king of fruits, and a change from the popular roasted young coconut which is sold in Jalan Sepanggar, Menggatal near here.Explaining his technique, Dennis said the durians are first wrapped in aluminium foil before they are roasted for 45 minutes over charcoal.He said these durians are sold at RM60 each and cannot be immediately eaten but must be allowed to cool down first.Dennis said although he thought of the idea four years ago, he only started selling the roasted durians at the Jalan Gaya Food Night Market in Kota Kinabalu recently.“Since I started trading here last month, the roasted durians have been popular among tourists from China, South Korea and some local durian lovers,” he told Bernama here.Dennis, who runs the Borneo Fruits Garden in Papar near here, also offers the public, especially tourists, the experience of visiting a local orchard and enjoying fruits like durians and rambutans.The Jalan Gaya Food Night Market which is also known as the Api-Api Food Market @ Gaya Street, is a recent tourist attraction in Kota Kinabalu.It operates from 6 pm until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays, selling food, drinks, fruits and local crafts.It was officially launched on Dec 2 last year by Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Christina Liew who is also Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister. — Bernama [...]
The Best Roasted Beet Salad
The Best Roasted Beet Salad, this is one easy way to enjoy beets and reap the nutrition benefits. I recently picked up the book Flavor Bible, which has been an amazing read and resource when I’m stumped with recipe development. Beets have always been a tricky vegetable to create recipes around—partly because I’m not a huge fan of their flavor and partly because of the texture. All that to say, after reading the chapter on which flavors go with beets best, I felt inspired to whip up this super simple salad that obviously tastes great! To start, you’ll wash, peel and roast the beets in olive oil with sea salt and pepper. Roasting beets helps bring out the sweetness compared to when you eat them raw it’s very earthy. The base of the salad is the best component in my opinion. Endive gives this salad a super crunchy and sturdy bite along with a slightly bitter flavor which bounces off the roasted beets so well. In addition to these two, you’ll make a simple dijon mustard vinaigrette with fresh thyme, garlic, shallots, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. The salad is finished when you top it off with crunchy and tart pomegranate seeds, voila! In making this salad, there are a couple of tricks to it. If you plan to make it ahead of time to serve later, I recommend storing the beets tossed in the dressing separately, then upon serving adding fresh endive leaves to the mix. Another way you can make this if you’re planning ahead several days in advance by just roasting the beets is to leave all components of this dish stored in separate containers (i.e. beets, dressing, endive) and then toss them together upon serving. The post The Best Roasted Beet Salad appeared first on Nutrition Stripped. [...]
The Best Roasted Broccoli You’ll Ever Need
This roasted broccoli dish is so good, it’ll make you want to eat more broccoli even if it’s already something you enjoy. We all know someone, or maybe it’s us we’re talking about, that are picky eaters especially when it comes to vegetables — while also encouraging the picky eaters in your life who don’t like to eat their “greens”. Then you’ll love this roasted broccoli side dish that’ll make you want to eat more broccoli. What Are The Health Benefits Of Broccoli? Talk about these little green trees and digestion —  in one cup of cooked broccoli, you’re feeding your digestive system about five grams of fiber. Broccoli may help your digestion by protecting your gut microbiota (or the mix of healthy bacteria in the gut). In an experiment done on mice, researchers found that broccoli activated a receptor in the gut that helped reduce inflammation (1). This is especially beneficial for people with digestive conditions, like colitis. Most of my clients who come to me with digestive issues often can’t tolerate eating cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, raw. It causes a lot of bloating, gas, and sometimes makes their stomachs very bloated and distended. In order to combat that and still get the nutrition punch and fiber boost broccoli has to offer, simple flash steam or cook it! Roasted Broccoli In Your Meal Prep Rotation Roasting a sheet pan of your favorite vegetables to use in your meals throughout the week is key to squeezing in more vegetables, saving you tons of time, while eating nutritious and delicious foods that are homemade. Something as easy as roasting broccoli can add important vitamins and minerals to your diet along with the fiber we need to keep our digestive systems healthy, moving along, and create favorable gut health. Use roasted broccoli in a big Nourish Bowl for lunch, add it into a quick stir-fry with other vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates and boom, you have a quick and easy meal! Not to mention, a lot of people aren’t huge fans of broccoli so by roasting this nutrient-dense cruciferous vegetable, you’re changing up the texture and flavor in a way that’ll change your mind about ole’ broccoli. A meal-prep hack with roasted veggies: If you’re adding the roasted broccoli to something like a cold salad or Nourish Bowl, then enjoy it chilled! It still has the roasted flavors, but if you really want that crisp texture you’ll be forgoing it in this application if you just add it to a salad. The alternative way would be to put it in the oven for a quick heat blast to crisp it up — but remember, the whole point of meal prep is to save you time to enjoy it how it is! If you’re adding the roasted broccoli to a hot meal or stir-fry, just add in the pre-cooked roasted broccoli and heat until warm. Again, if you’re looking for the specific roasted texture (a little crispy) then the only way to achieve this again, is to put it in the oven for a bit until you get the texture you’re after. Otherwise, I enjoy it just the same! If you’re using pre-cooked roasted broccoli as a snack, try enjoying it chilled and dipping it into Creamy Sweet Onion Dip or the Cashew Kimchi Dip! The post The Best Roasted Broccoli You’ll Ever Need appeared first on Nutrition Stripped. [...]