Malaysia torches 2.8 tonnes of African pangolin scales
PORT DICKSON (AFP): Malaysia on Thursday (Dec 6) torched nearly three tonnes of seized scales of endangered pangolins worth US$9mil (RM37.4mil) in a bid to deter illegal wildlife trafficking from Africa. [...]
Fendi channels shimmering scales and latticework at catwalk show
Models present creations by designers Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini as part of their Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection show for fashion house Fendi in Paris July 4, 2018. — Reuters pic PARIS, July 5 — Italian fashion label Fendi played with textures in its Haute Couture collection in Paris yesterday, overlaying see-through bodices with fur trimmings and creating shimmering, scaly skirts.Elaborate winter coats and dresses in apricot pink and lavender hues melded together chiffon, mink and other fabrics such as cashmere, to create cascading effects. Some looks included intricate, sequin-filled latticework.Rome-based Fendi has long been known for its furs, and has continued to put them forward at a time when many other brands are dropping them from collections, under pressure from changing consumer tastes and animal rights campaigners.Italy’s Gucci, owned by Kering one of the fastest-growing labels of recent years, is going fur-free as of this year, and independent fashion house Versace recently said it was following suit.The Fendi show was octogenerian German designer Karl Lagerfeld’s second outing at Haute Couture week in Paris — the season of fashion shows celebrating one-off creations by a select group of houses.Lagerfeld, who forms a creative duo at Fendi along with the founding family’s scion Silvia Venturini Fendi, also presented his latest turn at France’s Chanel yesterday against an elaborate catwalk backdrop that recreated Parisian street scenes.Fendi, part of France’s luxury conglomerate LVMH that also includes Christian Dior and Givenchy, is under new management following a merry-go-round of executive reshuffling within the group last year to give brands fresh impetus.Serge Brunschwig, who previously worked at Dior, became Fendi’s CEO in earlier this year. — Reuters [...]
Vivienne Tam scales fashion peaks with China Chic
NEW YORK, Dec 14 — Some of us are fortunate to find a calling in life early on, and for Vivienne Tam it was literally by design. At age eight, watching her mother make dresses to save money, Tam decided to try her hand at it as well. She has been designing clothing ever since. The 60-year-old designer, who was born in Guangzhou, China and moved to Hong Kong when she was three, eventually landed in New York City, where she founded her company, East Wind Code, in 1982. More than 10 years later, she renamed the company Vivienne Tam before staging her first show at New York Fashion Week. Tam, whose signature style blends Western looks with Chinese elements, is also author of the book China Chic. She shares some of her life lessons here. Q: How did you learn the value of money when you were growing up? A: I saw my parents working so hard when I was growing up that I felt like I wanted to do something to change the situation so they didn’t need to work anymore. They worked in factories. Q: Who inspired you to enter fashion and launch your own business? A. My mother. She’s my idol. We didn’t have much money, and I remember her making clothes for herself, like a cheongsam for Chinese New Year, instead of buying them from outside. I started making clothes for myself, my sister and my brothers. I learned from her how to go to flea markets to buy scrap materials. That’s how I learned to be an individual. And it’s also how I learned that when things are very limited, you can be very creative, and you can make something special. Q: What was your first job? A: I was interning at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in my late teens. They produce fashion trade fairs and shows. It was where I learned to work with international coordinators from London and manufacturers in Hong Kong. Q: What did you do with your first paycheck? A: I gave it to my parents. It’s good to give money back to your parents. Q: What are some important qualities for succeeding for so many years in the fashion business, which can be rather mercurial and unforgiving? A: Be humble, have passion and do things from your heart. You have to do something that has soul. And, always remember where you came from. It’s so important. I came from Hong Kong, I was born in China. I remember when I was growing up and this thing that was called “fashion” was basically everybody looking to the West. But I love Chinese culture. I want to bring that to the world, so I have this sense of mission. Q: What was a highlight of your career? A: I used my own money to stage my first fashion show (at New York Fashion Week). I wanted money that was not borrowed, and I worked very hard and saved for over five years. It was about US$100,000 at that time, but I felt so much joy. Naomi Campbell was in my first show! I felt like I had made it. Q: What have you learned from failure? A: The biggest mistake is thinking that if people charge a lot of money, that means they’re good. That’s not necessarily true. It’s more important that the person is passionate about your work and can help you grow your business. Q: How do you decide where to donate? A: I always focus on children and women’s organizations. I like to design T-shirts or items to support causes like breast cancer. The more you give back, the more you receive. Q: What life lessons do you try to pass down to people you mentor? A: Don’t think about money. The most important thing is that everything must come from your heart. If you do things from your heart and are giving back to the world, to your parents, to the community, that’s important. Money is just numbers and zeroes. — Reuters [...]