How to Cook Scrambled Eggs Like a Chef
Rich and creamy scrambled eggs! Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest ways of preparing eggs. I like mine best when it is not too dry and not too wet, and while I normally have them for breakfast, you can really eat them at any time of the day. They’re very quick to make, and I love having mine with a generous sprinkling of extra black pepper over the top! Let me show you how I make my scrambled eggs – it’s rich and creamy! Ingredients 2 eggs ½ tsp salt 1/8 tsp (dash) black pepper ¼ c milk 1 tsp butter Making scrambled eggs Crack two eggs in a small bowl. Add salt, pepper and milk to the eggs. With a whisk or fork, beat the ingredients until it is very well combined. Heat a small pan or skillet on medium low heat. Add butter until it melts. Pour in the egg mixture into the pan. With a heat-proof spatula, continuously stir the egg mixture as it cooks, scraping the bottom and the sides of the pab and mixing the curdled eggs into the rest of the uncooked eggs. When about half the egg mixture has cooked, turn the heat down to low. Continue stirring until all the egg mixture has cooked, but the eggs are still soft and wet. Serve immediately. Extra tips If you prefer your scramble dryer, continue cooking the eggs until they have reached the doneness you like. However, don’t forget to quickly remove them from the pan as the eggs will continue to cook from the heat of the pan. Always have your plate on standby instead of looking for it when you are done cooking or your scramble will end up too dry. This dish cooks very quickly. Once the egg mixture is in the pan, make sure you continuously stir your eggs or you will end up with an omelette instead! There are many different styles and ways to make scrambled eggs and I hope you like how I make them! For more details on how to prepare this dish, check out my YouTube video or watch it below. I’ve also shared a few more egg recipes that I hope you will enjoy.   Chinese-style Steamed Eggs by Chef Zam French Fold Omelette by Chef Zam Sunny Side Up by Chef Zam   Video courtesy of Dapur Chef Zam. The post How to Cook Scrambled Eggs Like a Chef appeared first on Butterkicap. [...]