The secret to Arab’s royal beauty is now available in Malaysia

The secret to Arab’s royal beauty is now available in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: Sheikha Beauty Sdn Bhd firmly believes that every woman has the right to be beautiful and feel her best. They believe that natural beauty is something real and must be celebrated. Taking this as the motivating spirit of their brand, the company announced the launch of Al-Hur Beauty skincare range – designed and developed for women of all backgrounds using only premium natural ingredients which are carefully selected from the Middle East as well as over the world and set at affordable price points.

The grand launch was officiated by Kota Anggerik state assemblyman Najwan Halimi, at KL Gateway Mall, Kuala Lumpur. The launch was also witnessed by Dewan Ekonomi Usahawan Malaysia (DEUM) president Datuk Seri Khairul Khuzaini along with Al-Hur Beauty founder Siti Farahana Khairuddin. The launch ceremony was also completed with support from MyBazar, an online platform for Middle Eastern products.

“Al-Hur Beauty products understands the needs of the Malaysian women who demand a skincare range that is safe, made of natural ingredients and importantly a product that works, and this understanding is well represented in everything they do. Formulated and produced in United Arab Emirates (UAE), the unique feature about Al-Hur Beauty skincare range lies in the main ingredient which is found in a type of cactus — prickle pear, known scientifically as Opuntia Oil — clinically proven to have 150% more antioxidant level than argan oil and rich with vitamin K and E. The combination of the best natural ingredients, that are sourced ethically proven in producing best results in combating the skin's most common problem that lead to supple, brighter and youthful skin,” said the company in a press release.

The skincare line has been especially formulated to not only be effective for women in the 25-40 age-group, but also gentle on the skin, quite unlike many other brands in the market which have harsh, chemical ingredients. All ingredients have been carefully reviewed, selected and tested for their generally acceptable problem-free safety and toxicity profiles. Having certification and recognition from Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM), certified with International Halal (Dubai) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the company is proud to claim that their skincare is free from parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, mercury, hydroquinone and tretinoin.

“There is a universal truth in natural beauty and it is something too real. No matter your shape, ethnicity or belief, all women want to feel beautiful. Al-Hur Beauty is set to revolutionize the Malaysia beauty market, as there are hardly any skincare products in the market which are formulated and produced in 100% in UAE. Al-Hur Beauty brand have discovered the beauty secret of Arab women and we are offering it to women in Malaysia to feel the magic of natural ingredients at an affordable price. We are not here to compete with other leading skincare range, but we are fulfilling that universal need of a woman in search for a natural, chemical free and highly effective” said Siti.

The skincare range has been designed to be a highly effective product, with the formulation of cactus, prickle pear and opuntia oil, the product easily absorbs into the dermis that helps keep the skin youthful and firm. Its unique and natural ingredients, ensures the skin always has a protective layer – leading to smoother and brighter skin. The range of products include Moroccan Olive Oil Cleanser, Cocoa Butter Cream Moisturiser and Volcanic Mineral Mud Mask.

In conjunction with the launch, Al-Hur Beauty is proud to present 20 women that are the finalists for “The Face Al-Hur Beauty 2018”. The finalists were shortlisted from thousands of entries all over Malaysia and had undergone weekly group and individual tasks. The one-month competition aims to discover not just the beauty factor of the finalist importantly to appoint an ambassador to the brand that is entrepreneurial, passionate and also empowers others with her persona and intelligence.

Also at the launch, a book entitled “Kosmetik Beracun” was introduced to the public by a renowned pharmacist from Pharmago Pharmacy, Rahman Baco. The book highlighted the effect of using skincare product that contains harmful ingredients and it is aimed to educate the public of its long term effect and danger to one's health.

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