This female Muslim politician is risking her freedom to fight Malaysia’s corruption

This female Muslim politician is risking her freedom to fight Malaysia’s corruption

Nurul Izzah Anwar’s political career began at age 18, when her father, the then deputy prime minister of Malaysia, was sacked and imprisoned over trumped-up sodomy charges.

Malaysia has undergone countless threats to its 60 year old democracy. This includes, most recently, the world’s largest financial scandal: Investigators are involved in a multi-billion dollar money laundering probe of the country’s 1MDB state development fund. The US Department of Justice has filed lawsuits in the case, implicating Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak.

Anwar’s father, a vocal opposition leader, has been in and out of jail for the last 18 years, and she herself was imprisoned briefly this year.

Watch the video above to hear why she’s willing to risk her own freedom for the sake of her country’s democracy.

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GREG W says:

Only thing good is she is a woman but she degrades herself by being a democrat and a Muslim …. Muslims are worthless cunts and so are those of the democratic party

Apu says : says:

She already won. 😀

Jimie. M says:

She looked liked a 😼.
And i loved cats too.Cats are lovely and adorable as long as you don't cross her feline's liñe
And now it's time to go for Jumaat Prayer , hopefully this lovely cat will see my post 😅😆

Muhammad Firdaus Bin Muhamad Fasri says:

Long Live The People of Malaysia

Canis majoris says:

Those who commented below are funning dogs of najib . A check on their ip addresses and monitor their activities in their Internet movements will expose their identities.

Jesus christ says:

I like anwars opininon .this multiracial and democratic world .not islamic state

Mohammed Ali says:

Stop disuniting Muslim world!

ElectroSalvo says:

She's not as good as her father.

kyle x kyle x says:

this is nurul izzah, she like to do sex with lecturers. call her if u want sex. as long as u r a lecturers

Yusha Evans says:

bitch go and do a another job

Saladdin says:

This girl is subservient to her immoral father…..sorry to be frank.

Turanian Heritage says:

Wherever Chinese terrorists and criminals in control of economy and the politics corruption is the only thing you can see. The puppet governments controlled by china and Chinese triad. Biggest proportion of national income of rich Malaysia goes to chinese terrorists and criminals. same like in the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and african nations.

ahmad syakirin says:

She a crook herself, she defame her opponent during election campaign

John Ng says:

I am Malaysian.Keep up the good work. I am not old enough to vote but I will vote for the opposition when I am of age. #MalaysiaIsTheGreatest

S M says:

I hope she can find success in overthrowing these crooks

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