Ucapan dan Dialog Tun Dr Mahathir di Oxford Union

Ucapan dan Dialog Tun Dr Mahathir di Oxford Union

Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad diberi penghormatan menjadi pemimpin ASEAN pertama yang dijemput berucap di Kesatuan Oxford pada Jumaat di sini.

Dr Mahathir memberikan ucapan yang mengangkat tema demokrasi sebelum sesi soal jawab yang mengambil masa hampir satu setengah jam.

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anewar ali says:

oxford students attitude were in low level…they though they're so special and smart than others… believe me man they just learned something that have been already narrated on the book founded by very former scholars hundred years ago like ibnu sina, al khawarizmi, aristotle and ect… to me, there is no comparison between them and us…

Thirahaha says:

You can't even pronounce MAHATHIR correctly

Sakura Hinata says:

Alaa tak ada tak yg tulis bahasa melayu…faham sikit2 je..

Charmed3 says:

i'm surprised to see the level of oxford students thinking. they only want answer to what they want to hear. they don't even try to understand what he's trying to say instead they want a straight answer like kindergarten kids. i'm more surprised with the interviewer when he commented on tun m previous statement that said jews are hooked nose and hunger for money, he concluded by saying tun m is anti-semitic. that's not anti-semitic, that is called generalization. what's wrong with these white people calling other people anti this and that every time someone disagrees to them.

Kuro Truesdale says:

Uhm. Sekali nengok yg full ni nmpak sikit. Kesian kat Tun tak brpa dengar. Huhu lau aku ade situ rela je aku dok sebelah utk translate. Walaupon sebagai security,selamba je dtg translate sebelah dia. Well,aku keje security je memang huhu


thank you Dr Tun Mahathir from all palestinians

ZD SIE says:

Aku sorang je ke dgr Pengacara ckp 'tun matahir

shamin880802 says:

Najib n the geng x dpt invite mcm ni..klu dpt habis dia putar belit teruk..ahaha.

SNNU 21 says:

That's 93 years old prime minister .
Mind blowing

Im Vieanna says:

They keep asking a question repeatedly even though Tun M already answered it at first. What the… They don't know Tun M very well. Tun M tend to answer a question with his sarcastic way and sense of humor. And they didn't know that.
Well… Maybe that's how the Oxford students talk with elderly… Who know.

Kes Mangkuk says:

He said matahir? WTF?

Jay Jay says:

I need subtitle

Georgia Andrea says:

That president of Oxford Union, he just doesn't have a pleasant personality.

Musab Umair says:

Malaysia has water too

Anti Bullshit says:

Malaysia needs Tun most now than ever before….we pray for his health and peace.

Ben Cheong says:

Without Dr M. Malaysia is going down the drain because of bn

Amran Hossain says:

Dr. You are the great man . Respect from Bangladesh.

Nathalie says:

Tun M, I pray you'll allways be in a pink of health, I am really looking forward to your vision to make changes especially on the reformation of new Malaysia. May you always be blessed.

Zafriq Tuah says:

prime minister Mata…WHAT?!!! What a shitty interviewer

Oljas2207 says:

Great leader

jiwagundam says:

Kenape la takde sarikata bahasa melayu 😞

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