US startup Cyborg reveals the first voice-enabled activity tracker

US startup Cyborg reveals the first voice-enabled activity tracker
An example of the Cyborg digital activity assistant Cy answering a user's inquiry during her run via the Cyborg GO app. — Picture courtesy of Cyborg

NEW YORK, Aug 11 — A US startup has launched the first voice-activated fitness app, which can even coach you through your workout with its virtual activity assistant, named ‘Cy’.

Founded by CEO Tim Near in 2017, Cyborg is an activity-focused startup which initially focused on developing wearable devices before branching out into a voice-activated app.

“While we were building an app for our wearables, it dawned on us that soon there will be a tidal wave of biometric data incoming and there is no cross-operating system solution available to digest it,” said Near. “We’re developing an assistant that can communicate these data streams to users in a way that’s organic and palatable; in other words, talk to you like a real person.”

The Cyborg GO app enables you to track your activity and compete with others using the app’s leaderboard.

Assistant Cy can be summoned using your voice, and is able to answer a range of questions about your activity and biometric data.

The team at Cyborg is using machine learning to understand better what kinds of questions users have about their activity, and anticipate future inquiries for an improved service.

With the app currently only focused on walking, running, and hiking, Cyborg are also working on offering Cy as an assistant for all forms of exercise.

“We can see a clear path to putting a health and fitness expert in your pocket ready to instruct, coach, and encourage anyone with a mobile device,” said Near.

The Cyborg GO app is available for all iOS devices and can be downloaded for free. Enabling the Cy assistant requires an upgrade, which costs US$3.99 (RM16.30) per month.

More information can be found at — AFP-Relaxnews

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