Zakir Naik Meets Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad

Zakir Naik Meets Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad

After the Malysian PM announced that Zakir Naik will not be deported, controversial Islamic preacher wen and met Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Bin Mohamad
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Truth Seeker says:

Mahathir Mohammad has similar looks with my Granpa. Missing him.

Izzani Nordin says:

putrajaya not putraraja 🤦‍♂️

荣昌文风 says:

Kenapa Malaysia melindungi penjenayah yg dikehendaki antarabangsa ? Halau balik India !!!!

Eric Tan says:

Mahathir, a pro-Muslim PM who promotes Malay/Muslim supremacy in Malaysia, refuses to deport Zakir Naik because Mahathir wants to strengthen his Muslim base. But the idiot Mahathir will now have to concede the same for 1MDB criminal Low Taek Jho, who will use the same argument – that he will be killed if he is sent back to Malaysia. So how?

Islam means Peace voice of human nature says:

Harami media making fake news


India lost the daimond 😟😟😟

Sukhrajie Farook says:

He pay the goverment he is hate and support killing

Bro compilation says:

I ❤ zakir naik. I ❤ malaysia

Anas Ali says:

dr zakir welcome to Malaysia

Anonymous Believer Centre Displays Education ABCDE says:

Chaiwale k Face pe Slap 😊😊

Syed Mehvish says:

Worst media

Japanマイカージャパン株式会社 says:

Dr Zakir Naik Truth Talking all religion
and he is good person
But. India Media always Involve in Many time False and Propaganda reporting, and you see many Indian Anchor Person he and she BJP supporting,

nasashahid says:

This lying Indian media and government should stop spreading their garbage. He have made a baseless allegations against Dr Zakir. Even the interpol has cleared him of the allegations.

If the New Zealand shooter was inspired by President Trump, are you gonna arrest Trump.

Praise to the Malaysian government for being just and not listening to garbage thrown at them.

emmaprims says:


Island sea I lve says:

Pig modi will pay for his hypocrites issue he is such a idiot brianless . I feel sorry for Indian ppls they vote for a pig modi.

NAbiha saed says:

My allah protect him this sun ya and akhira

nice Amigo says:

evil loves evil mufti naik should be in jail he is a crook/hate spreader.

asif Rassool says:

Dr Zakir must preach Hinduism to Modi

Ghufran Shareef says:

Modi the PM is a declared terrorist of the world, he has ordered to kill hundreds of muslims in bihar when he was CM. He is a killer of hundreds of dalits, low cast hindus. Surprising a terrorist is PM. Shame on India.

Charlie Lucky says:

Modi is criminal

Md Zain says:

Allah bless you!
Dr. Zakir Naik.

Give Cheese says:

World is spitting on indian media!

Sakina Tanimu says:

Mahathir Mohammed and Erdogan are the only Muslim leaders left in the world that we Muslims can count on. The persecution of Islam accross the world as foretold by the prophet has started. They are starting with our leaders. Let all Muslims stand firm.

Arnav Akkineni says:

Indian Media can't even speak good English – No wonder the British enslaved India

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